Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

Navigating Religious Inclusion in the Workplace + How to Handle Employee Grievances with Company


In this episode, Joey and Sommer discuss two topics that are often considered taboo in business: religious inclusion at work and addressing negative employee sentiment. They explore the complexities of religious inclusion, the importance of cultural sensitivity, and the legal protections for religious accommodations. They also provide insights on how to handle employee grievances and foster a positive work environment.


  • Religious inclusion at work is becoming more important as employees seek to bring their whole selves to the workplace. Companies should create policies and practices that accommodate religious observances and foster a culture of inclusivity.
  • Legal protections exist for employees’ religious freedoms, and employers must make reasonable accommodations unless it causes undue hardship to the business.
  • Addressing negative employee sentiment requires open and honest communication. Employers should conduct one-on-one interviews to understand the root causes of dissatisfaction and work towards resolving them.
  • Consulting with HR professionals can provide guidance and support in navigating complex issues related to religious inclusion and employee grievances.


00:00 Introduction

02:20 Religious Inclusion at Work

03:43 Shifting Culture and Expression of Self

05:23 Cultural Sensitivity and Religious Observances

10:00 Legal Protection and Religious Accommodations

19:18 Investigating Employee Grievances

24:26 Consultant’s Corner: Addressing Negative Employee Sentiment


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